The Sylvania Area Republican Club

Here are the 5 “W”‘s about SARC.

Who? SARC was originally named the “Sylvania Republican Club” and was comprised of Republicans from the City of Sylvania and Sylvania Township. Read the reasons that we changed our name in an upcoming article!

What? SARC is a politically oriented club that aligns itself with the Republican Party and includes the active advancement of the beliefs contained in the Republican Party Platform. If you would like to review the GOP’s National Platform, click the link below at the end of this article.

When? SARC members meet for our regularly scheduled meetings on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm.


  • do we meet? With the removal of mask restrictions in Ohio, we are again meeting at the following location- American Legion Hall Post #468 5580 Centennial Rd Sylvania, Ohio
  • from where do we accept members?
    • City of Sylvania & Sylvania Township
    • Village of Berkey & Richfield Township
    • Spencer Township
    • Harding Township
    • Village of Holland & Springfield Township
    • Village of Swanton & Swanton Township (within Lucas County)
    • Village of Ottawa Hills

Why? From SARC’s by-laws- “…the objective of this club is to promote Republican Party ideals and to provide aid and assistance, primarily, to Republican Candidates for local public office. It’s secondary mission is to encourage people to become involved in Republican activities and to help groom them for leadership roles in local, county, state and national governance.”

2020 GOP National Platform-

2 thoughts on “The Sylvania Area Republican Club

  1. Mary

    I would like to join….


    1. Tim

      Our monthly meeting for June is 7:00pm Thursday, June 16th at the American Legion Hall, 5580 Centennial Rd, Sylvania.

      Dues are $25.00 and are due at the time of application.

      We look forward to meeting you soon.

      President, SARC


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